Monday, February 13, 2012

Chicago Mayor Wants Tax On Gun Owners

Rahm Emanuel proposes $65 per-gun fee and registry

Sun Times -- Illinois handgun owners would be required to register their weapons with the state — and pay a $65-per-gun registration fee — under a mayoral plan proposed Thursday to arm police with the information they need to solve crimes and reduce illegal firearm transfers.

Even as he picked up the gun control mantle from former Mayor Richard M. Daley, Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledged that he’s facing an uphill battle.

It comes at a time when the National Rifle Association and its allies among Downstate lawmakers are making a major push for concealed carry legislation. Illinois is the only state in the nation that does not allow its residents to carry concealed weapons.

But Emanuel, who helped pass the Brady Bill during his days in the Clinton White House, said he’s willing to wage the tough fight if that’s what it takes to make Chicago streets safer.

His proposal would require all handgun owners to obtain a certificate of registration from the State Police for every handgun they own — at a cost of $65-per-weapon — and to renew that registration every five years.

They would be required to provide: their name, address and telephone number; the manufacturer of the gun, its model type and serial number; and the date and source of the purchase.

Whenever a handgun is sold, the seller would be required to report the sale to the State Police “no less than 48 hours prior to delivery.” Handgun buyers would have 20 days to file for a new certificate of registration. Anyone caught carrying or possessing an unregistered handgun would face a Class 2 felony.

Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said Emanuel’s proposal to impose a per-handgun registration fee is “preposterous,” illegal and going nowhere in the General Assembly.

“It’s a civil right [to own a gun]. You don’t have to pay for a civil right. It’s like a poll tax,” he said.

“He’s trying to limit handguns for criminals and he’s attacking law abiding citizens. There are 1.4 million firearms owners in this state and he wants to tax them all $65. It’s crazy.” Continue reading...

Blog author's comments - So, a photo ID requirement to vote is "unconstitutional" but the gun owner requirements and gun owner tax which Emanuel wants are?

If Obama wins a second term he and Holder will go way beyond what Emanuel is attempting. They will also remove all concealed carry permits from those who have taken classes, passed an extensive background check, have been finger printed etc.

The liberals continue to ignore the Constitution. Article II... the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Emanuel's proposal will not stop the criminals from buying and carrying a gun illegally. It would only punish the law abiding citizens who own legal guns.

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