Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul - Sanctions On Iran An Act Of War

Ron Paul: Sanctions against Iran are 'acts of war'

LA Times - Reporting from Perry, Iowa -- Defending himself against charges of isolationism, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told voters in Iowa on Thursday that western sanctions against Iran are "acts of war" that are likely to lead to an actual war in the Middle East.

Paul, one of the leading contenders to win next week's Iowa caucuses, said Iran would be justified in responding to the sanctions by blocking the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz. He compared the western sanctions to a hypothetical move by China to block the Gulf of Mexico, which Americans would consider an act of war.

He also said he would not respond militarily to keep the strait open—because he would not consider it an act of war against the U.S. But if he were president, he would report to Congress on the issue, leaving it up to lawmakers to declare war if they wanted.

"I think we're looking for trouble because we put these horrendous sanctions on Iran," Paul told a midday audience at the Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa. He said the Iranians are "planning to be bombed" and understandably would like to have a nuclear weapon, even though there is "no evidence whatsoever" that they have "enriched" uranium.

Apparently alluding to Israel and its nuclear-weapons arsenal, Paul said that "if I were an Iranian, I'd like to have a nuclear weapon, too, because you gain respect from them."
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Blog author's comments - If this doesn’t slow up his supporters, nothing will. So letting Iran obtain nuclear weapons will stabilize the Middle East? They hate Israel and have repeatedly stated their intention to wipe them off the map.

It is difficult to accept that Ron Paul is one of the front-runners for the Iowa caucus. I can't believe there is any chance of him winning the nomination.

Ron Paul wants to legalize drugs, repeal the Patriot Act, cut our military spending and he has also said flawed US policies led to 9/11. He would be a disaster as the Republican candidate. Obama would surely win a second term.

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