Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NY Times Columnist Says Obama Is "Mellifluous"

NY Times Thomas Friedman Says GOP Looking for Someone as "Smart and Mellifluous" as Obama

NewsBusters - Appearing on Sunday’s Meet the Press, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman brought his usual lecturer’s arrogance and said he was really worried about President Obama’s chances at re-election: “I really, really worry about him.” The answer, of course, is more “stimulus” and increased spending on overpriced college tuitions: “I really hope he gives us a big choice.”

Friedman also said the Republicans are looking for someone who can be as smart and “mellifluous” as Obama: “And I think Newt's rise is speaking to us. And what it says to me is, is that I think there's a lot of Republicans who are starved for a candidate for their party who would be able to debate Obama head-to-head, they think is as smart and mellifluous as the president." - Entire column...

Blog author's comments - Well, none of us is in the same league as Thomas Friedman or Barack Hussein Obama...not even close, are we? This is what Friedman no doubt believes. The Left has propped Obama up as this ideal that he doesn’t even remotely compare to.

Obama speaking without a teleprompter can be described with many words, but certainly not "mellifluous.” I hope to see debates between Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama.

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