Thursday, December 1, 2011

Barack Obama - 'I've Got To Win In 2012'

Obama: 'To Implement Affordable Care
Act in 2014...I've Got to Win in 2012'

CNS News - Speaking at a campaign fundraising event at the Gotham Bar and Grille in New York City on Wednesday, President Barack Obama told a group of supporters he needed to win reelection next year to make sure the health-care law he signed in 2010 will actually be fully implemented in 2014 as planned.

“We still have a health care system that has to get more efficient and that has to improve its quality,” Obama said, according to a White House transcript. “And so we're going to have to implement the Affordable Care Act in 2014, and that means I've got to win in 2012.”

The law Obama signed mandates that by 2104 all must purchase a health-care plan that meets government requirements. The constitutionality of this mandate has been challenged in federal court and the Supreme Court has said it will hear the case in this session. Keep reading...

Blog author's comments - The American people couldn’t afford his first term. America may be finished if Barack Obama is re-elected.

He wants to totally transform this country. It’s that simple. We must elect someone else and let them finish Obamacare - by putting it in the trash where it belongs.

Obama has forced Obamacare on us which most of us do not want. He has increased the debt with his stimulus spending. He has destroyed the private sector economy.

He has filed suit and blocked state laws that attempt to control illegal immigrants while ignoring the existing laws regarding illegals. He has been a total disaster for our country.

Barack Obama asked U.S. voters to keep believing in the "hope and change" he promived in 2008

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