Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holder and Obama - Seal Court Records

U.S. Seals Court Records Of Border Patrol's Murder

Judicial Watch - The Obama Administration has abruptly sealed court records containing alarming details of how Mexican drug smugglers murdered a U.S. Border patrol agent with a gun connected to a failed federal experiment that allowed firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

This means information will now be kept from the public as well as the media. Could this be a cover-up on the part of the “most transparent” administration in history? After all, the rifle used to kill the federal agent (Brian Terry) last December in Arizona’s Peck Canyon was part of the now infamous Operation Fast and Furious. Conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the disastrous scheme allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico so they could eventually be traced to drug cartels. Instead, federal law enforcement officers lost track of more than 1,000 guns which have been used in numerous crimes.

Truth is, no one will know the reason for the confiscation of public court records in this case because the judge’s decision to seal it was also sealed, according to the news story. That means the public or media won’t have access to any new or old evidence, filings, rulings or arguments. - Keep reading...

Blog author's comments - We are supposed to believe that there is not a cover up going on. And Obama and Holder have nothing to hide. But they have a liberal judge seal the records and as far as they are concerned it's over.

You would think there would be a journalist somewhere who would like to become famous by exposing all the corruption of this administration. I don’t expect the Republicans to do it.

Federal agent Brian Terry was murdered and Obama and Holder's 'Fast and Furious' Program has also been linked to over 200 murders in Mexico.

Agent Brian Terry's Famuly

Fast and Furious and Attorney General Eric Holder have been addressed on this blog before. You can read more about it here , here and here

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