Sunday, August 6, 2017

Maxine Waters: "After We Impeach Trump,
We're Going After Putin, Er, I Mean Pence..."

Mediaite -- Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been leading the charge in the Democrats’ fantasy of impeaching and removing President Trump from office.

And it would now appear as though Waters is already looking into the post-President Trump future and directing her ire at the man who would fill the void in the Oval Office, Mike Pence.

Blog Author's Comments: Making it very clear it isn’t about anything Trump has done or actual ‘impeachable offenses,’ it’s about engineering a coup and a takeover. Here’s a hint, though, Maxine. Even if you impeached Pence, you still don’t get Hillary.

Maxine should be in an asylum, she will get proper treatment there. With those mindless words she makes clear that this is all about undoing the results of a fair and honest election. Which means the U.S. Constitution, which she swore to uphold, means nothing to her, and neither do the American people. It's time to close down her clown show and she can go back to stealing from her constituents and donors.

Putin, Pence, you know us white people, we all look alike. If anyone should be removed from office, it should be this cretin. She's too ignorant to serve in Congress. And that is saying something. The inmates are running the plantation. Doesn't the Congressional Cadillac Health Plan pay for mental health treatment? The fact that none of the democrat leaders are telling her to quiet down, shows how dangerous the left has become.

Quote For The Day: Republicans now have 34 state governors after WV Governor Jim Justice switched parties, tying their all-time record. Democrats have just 15 governers. -- Stephen Wolf(@Politics Wolf)

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