Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do-Nothing Congress Takes August Break, Only
12 Days Of Work Scheduled Until End Of September

Via: GP -- President Donald Trump won the November 8, 2016 election in an electoral landslide.

President Trump captured several states that have not voted Republican in decades.

Riding on his coattails the Republican Party also won back the House of Representatives and won a majority in the US Senate.

In December 2016 Speaker Paul Ryan spoke about how he would help the new president push through his agenda.

The new Republican president wanted to pass tax cuts, repeal Obamacare and build a border wall.

But nothing happened.

On March 8, 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan told Tucker Carlson Congress had a 200 day plan to guarantee the president’s agenda would be passed.

Congress is taking August off work – the entire month.

Congress has 12 days of work scheduled from today until the end of September.

Only 12 days to get tax reform and Obamacare.

Can we all now agree this Congress is openly working AGAINST this president?

Blog Author's Comments: This nonsense needs to end. Do nothing, get paid, become rich from being a career politician. Exempt yourself from laws. Never get prosecuted for crimes you commit. Give yourself benefits that ordinary Americans don't receive. Take extended paid vacations, have armed protection. Not a bad position to be in.

I still cannot believe they are going on vacation when nothing that is supposed to have been accomplished was done. Are they tired or are they openly showing the voters who put Donald Trump in the White House that they disagree with us? They obviously must know that Trump is America's last chance - to be saved - from being taken over by the Democrats and continuing on the same path that was started by the Obama administration.

While all of the lawmakers are gone, our president should exercise his power of recess appointments and fill all of the vacancies waiting for these do nothings to act. Then exercise his Constitutional power to call them all back for a special session to pass his agenda and not let them go until he and the American people get what they want. McCain can choose to either participate or have his cancer treatments.

This is not a popularity contest - many of them hate Trump already for wanting them to do something instead of coasting which they thought would happen had Clinton won the presidency. I and many others are hoping to hold onto our momentum from the Trump win. All we need is one big win with him against the obstructionists in congress for the left, to become dispirited and perhaps settle down. I also don't want Trump voters to give up and become silent.

Quote For The Day: "Former Obama White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now an emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee’s unmasking investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday by the committee to the National Security Agency (NSA). This adds Rhodes to the growing list of top Obama government officials who may have improperly unmasked Americans in communications intercepted overseas by the NSA, Circa has confirmed.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-CA, sent the letter to the National Security Agency requesting the number of unmaskings made by Rhodes from Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan. 20, 2017, according to congressional sources..." -- Sara A. Carter

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