Monday, July 31, 2017

Nancy Pelosi With Colleage Chris Wallace
Discussing Healthcare And Trump White House...

TLR -- If there was any doubt the interests of the Administrative State intersect with the guardians of the Swamp, well, this interview between two aligned swamp creatures should put those doubts to rest.

President Trump is preparing the “Big Ugly”; an omnidirectional political war against the entire DC enterprise of both Republicans and democrats, the UniParty. Those who are at risk from that political warfare huddle together in unity. Nancy Pelosi joins Chris Wallace to discuss the agenda:

If the readers of this blog do not want to sit through 11 minutes of Nancy Pelosi and Chris Wallace - below is a 50 second video - which is contained in the longer video but is the most important and truthful subject either of them had to talk about or say, along with the blog authors comments.

Nancy Pelosi Still Blaming Russia
And Comey For Clinton's Election Loss

Blog Author's Comments: People get judged by what they do. Look how they treat Trump and the American electorate. They are obstructionists for their own personal power. Pelosi's mind now lives totally in her secure long term bubble and she no longer receives and comprehends or analyzes new data. She believes she is fine with what she learned very early in her political career and along with the rest of the Democrats will never change. She is getting to be beyond pathetic along with her leftist politics. Chris Wallace is distressing with his loaded questions full of lies. Fox News is really not that much different than the rest of the mainstream media. How much trouble is this President in right now? That is the opening to the interview. You could have turned it off right there.

Pelosi during the interview, speaking about the vote on health care, said the people spoke, no; it was the swamp creatures, not the people. Congress needs both term limits and age limits. 1) Term limits. No staying longer than 12 years – both Senate and House. 2) Age limit – At age 76, you can no longer run for Congress in another election. Pelosi is much of the time incoherent but perfectly confident that others will prop her up. It really is too bad that Chief Justice John Roberts did not do his job. He had the chance and could and should have stopped the Obamacare mess in its tracks.

Nancy Pelosi is like so many politicians, they are lost in some fantasy. The President right now is doing whatever he can to add jobs and raise wages. Democrats are fighting every thing he’s done to get that accomplished. Pelosi said “I’m a master legislator…” Her brain is fried. I suspect because FOX will not join with the harder left media to begin pushing this phony “mend it, don’t end it”, we will next see Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain talking about bipartisanship. It’s hard to believe that a major political party would have such an incompetent person in Pelosi as a leader. But, then again, it is the Democrat party and if she is one of their so-called leaders this is good for the Republicans.

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