Friday, July 14, 2017

Loretta Lynch's DOJ Granted Russian
Lawyer U.S. Entry After Visa Was Denied

Townhall -- New information surrounding Russian "crown prosecutor" Natalia Veselnitskaya, the woman who met with Donald Trump Jr., Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and now White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner at Trump Tower in June 2016, is raising serious questions about how she got into the U.S. at all.

Six months before the June meeting, which Trump Jr. agreed to after being offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton as part of the "Russian government's support" for his father, Veselnitskaya was denied entry into the U.S. A few months later, she was granted rare entry by the Department of Justice under Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Veselnitskaya argued her entry to the U.S. was crucial in order to carry out her legal work for a Russian firm in New York City, yet engaged in a number of other projects or interests during her time in the U.S.

With this revelation, Lynch is backing away from the situation and denying knowing anything about it.
In a statement, a spokesperson for Lynch said the former attorney general “does not have any personal knowledge of Ms. Veselnitskaya's travel.”

The U.S. Attorney’s office in New York told The Hill that it let Veselnitskaya into the country on a grant of immigration parole from October 2015 to early January 2016 after her initial request for a visa had been denied.

Court records show that when Veselnitskaya sought permission to extend her stay, the U.S. attorney at the hearing told the judge that the special visa the Russian lawyer received was part of a “discretionary act that the statute allows the attorney general to do in extraordinary circumstances.”

The U.S. attorney described the grant of parole immigration as extremely rare.
Meanwhile, Obama administration officials from a number of agencies are shifting the blame for the situation.
Blog Author's Comments: It is ironic how all the real crimes of Russian Collusion, obstruction of justice and criminal wrongdoing, are not in the President Trump administration, but in the Obama administration, with serial offenders such as Obama, Clinton and AG Lynch etc. It seems that this was a trap set for Donald Trump Jr. only to continue this charade of Russian involvement in the election.

By now, most intelligent people should have grown tired of it. But, this is all the Democrat Party and mainstream media have, playing their blame game. The Democrats may again insist upon another investigations and this one could well lead back to the Obama regime. Everything we are currently seeing are desperate attempts to create smokescreens and an overall sense of moral equivalence. The Left knows full well what is coming, should actual investigations take place on any number of fronts. So, they are doing everything they can to create a scenario where they can point fingers and claim the Right is guilty and 'Trump stole the election.'

I don't expect Mueller to be the one to bring down the Democrats, Lynch or Obama, I do not believe he wants to prosecute any liberals. I expect him to have to stop when he realizes going further will incriminate them. But, other investigations Congress is undertaking could be a different story. I applaud the truth that may finally come out that Obama was the worst ‘President’ to disgrace the White House and his people were just as bad while following his orders. This entire Russian thing is a cover up and a way for the liberals to attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump's presidency.

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