Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Illegal Aliens Self-Deporting Amid Stricter Enforcement, Says Report...

Breitbart -- President Donald Trump’s executive orders to increase enforcement and follow existing immigration law is leading some illegal aliens to self-deport.

In a report by the Pueblo Chieftain, sources told the local newspaper that illegal immigrants, fearful of being prosecuted and deported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), are self-deporting primarily back to Mexico.

“Sources report that some undocumented families have left the area for Mexico rather than run the risk of having a parent arrested or even sentenced to prison for immigration violations,” the newspaper reported.

According to the report, families began self-deporting after a total of 14 illegal aliens in the Pueblo, Colorado area had been arrested and deported.

Many of the individuals arrested had previously come to the U.S. on an H-2A foreign guest worker visa, but overstayed and had been living in the country illegally for years.

In one case, 48-year-old Benito Rubio, who died in federal custody before he was set to be deported, was facing felony charges after illegally remaining in the U.S. despite federal orders to deport.

The self-deportation of illegal aliens comes just as Attorney General Jeff Sessions led the charge in the Trump Administration to reinstate criminal prosecution for first-time border-crossers, a break from the lax open borders policies of the Obama Administration, as Breitbart Texas reported.

Previously, first-time border-crossers were deported to their native countries. Under Trump, those illegal aliens are being prosecuted, alongside repeat offenders.

First-time border-crossers are being convicted with misdemeanors. If they illegally re-enter, they will be hit with felony charges. Under the Obama administration, former Attorney General Eric Holder actually halted all prosecutions in some border sectors.
Blog Author's Comments: It is of no surprise how a little law enforcement goes a long way. In particular, as compared to the past 8 years of a malfeasant president who welcomed the illegals and ignored our laws. The Democrats' biggest shortcoming has been and no doubt, will continue to be the undermining of our nations laws. Americans want order and security in their lives, not chaos. Make illegals ineligible for welfare and all government benefits and prosecute employers who hire them, we will see them leave in droves. Come here legally or don't come at all.

Our country dodged a devastating bullet with the election of Donald Trump. It is now past the time for the Republican Party, to ignore the liberal journalists and their phony daily Russian narrative that they use in an attempt to tie up our government with and bait their viewers and readers concerning President Trump. Congress has to concentrate on working to pass the bills and agenda that President Trump campaigned on, and send them to his office to be signed into law. This is why he was elected and many in the GOP Senate and House should remember that. They have to follow the president’s lead and help him 'make America great again.'

The Democrats and their liberal media will never stop playing their games of accusing those within the Trump administration, his family or the Republican Party of any wrong doing over the election of 2016 and anything else they can make up. They will never get over the fact and especially when they were totally convinced, that Hillary Clinton would be their next president and she was defeated. They wanted and needed her to continue what Obama had started during his time in office. And she would have been able to place at least one and probably three Justices on the high court and turn our nation into a liberal America.

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