Thursday, July 6, 2017

CNN Is Still Pushing The 17 Intel Agency Lie...

Daily Caller -- CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta called a comment by President Donald Trump on Russian interference “fake news” Thursday, despite its accuracy.

Trump said Thursday while in Poland that only “three or four” U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

Acosta claimed this number was far too low.

“The other thing that was ‘fake news’ coming from President Trump is when he said, well, I keep hearing it’s 17 intelligence agencies that say Russia meddled in the election, I think it’s only three or four,” Acosta said on CNN’s “New Day.” “Where does that number come from? Where does this ‘three or four’ number come from?”


Only three agencies have provided conclusions to their Russia-Trump investigations: the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency.

“The [intelligence community assessment] was a coordinated product from three agencies: CIA, NSA and the FBI, not all 17 components of the intelligence community,” said former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper during a congressional hearing in May. “Those three under the aegis of my former office.”

This is not the first time the media have claimed 17 intelligence agencies confirmed Russia meddled in the election. The New York Times was forced to publish a correction about it in June.
Blog Author's Comments: Mr. Acosta is obsessed in his attempt to demean President Trump, so he will continue to push his lies even though they have been debunked and he knows it. His mental competency needs to be examined and also the Secret Service should visit and speak with him and others at the CNN network, because of what they are doing and saying on a daily basis. Acosta needs to read Clapper's statement on the number of intelligence agencies who have looked into this Russian collusion fiasco. I am certain he has, but continues to ignore the information in favor of trying to further his war of words with Trump.

After nearly a year of complaining that Russia tampered and hacked the election, CNN's crack news team of investigators still haven’t come up with any proof that it ever happened. If Hillary would have won there would have been nothing said about the Russians tampering with the election. Apparently CNN is still under the impression that all of the American people are politically illiterate.

If they couldn't broadcast lies, they'd have nothing but dead air time. The Trump-Russia collusion is all they have and apparently they will continue to run with it, while making complete fools of themselves and the network. Didn't the current president of CNN Jeffrey Zucker recently say, that their staff had to get things right after firing three of their employees? That was just another 'fake news' statement by their president.

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