Saturday, May 6, 2017

Class Assignment To Build Toy
Gun Prompts University Lockdown

Fox News -- An engineering student at Saint Louis University prompted a campus-wide lockdown and a hunt for a possible shooting suspect on Wednesday after his class assignment to build a toy gun was mistaken for a real weapon.

The private university in Missouri issued a shelter in place order Wednesday afternoon after a witness reported seeing someone in a black hoodie go into a dorm with what looked like a gun, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

After questioning two students, police and university officials tracked the source of the scare to a toy gun. SLU spokesman Jeff Fowler says the first student questioned was the individual who witness the supposed gun which led police to interviewing the second student who showed police to his dorm where the toy gun was.

As a part of the Aerospace and Mechanical "Engineering Manufacturing Procedures" class, students had been assigned to build a toy rubber band gun.

The university issued a statement asking all of the students to bring the toy guns in closed containers to a university office Thursday, where they will be destroyed.

"This is the first time toy guns have been made in this class, and it will be the last," the university said.

Fowler applauded those that called in response to reports of a potential gunman on campus.

"You can never take incident like this lightly," he said. "It is much, much better to be safe than to be sorry."
Blog Author's Comments: Somebody at this school is in hot water over this assignment. Everyone in education knows that guns are wrong. Relax students; the rubber band guns can’t hurt you now, you can come out of your 'safe space'. The educators have made you safe. Yet Missouri is a constitutional carry state, meaning that actual firearms can be carried openly or concealed, with only the U.S. Constitution serving as a permit.

So many college campuses now exist in a separate realm of pure left-wing lunacy. One wonders whether a rubber band gun is more dangerous than a weapon created by selectively biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a firearm. Then there's the old fist closed, thumb cocked, index finger pointed threateningly at a potential victim. Nobody needs to be able to make a gesture like that. (A 7 year old boy from a Baltimore-area school was suspended for chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. And a Colorado 6 year old first-grader was suspended from his school after pointing his fingers at a classmate in the shape of a gun. An 8 year old boy was suspended in Florida for making a similar gesture while playing cops and robbers.)

The liberals have now gone truly mad and the students or their parents are forking over big bucks to attend Colleges much like this school - Saint Louis University - these, so called, places of higher learning, with the same mindset.

Adding more sarcasm - Maxine Waters just introduced a bill in Congress to force office supply companies like Staples, to adopt and adhere to a 10 day waiting period for all rubber band purchases. Moreover, the bill will outright ban any box containing more than 10 rubber bands, as well as make illegal, the sale of any bands over 1/4 inch in width, considered by authorities as "assault bands".

I guess I'm old fashioned. I prefer using a rubber band to shoot paper clips. This provides one with much better range and stopping power.

The 'Assault" Rubber Band Weapon

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