Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alan Dershowitz Starts Warning Democrats About "Nothingburger"...

CTH -- Lefty Alan Dershowitz rightly points out the appointment of a “special counsel” is tantamount to putting cheese on a nothingburger. There is no legal risk to President Trump within any of the moonbat declarations currently gripped like political life-preservers by his opposition.

However, Dershowitz also recognizes the danger to his like-minded colleagues in political office. The only criminal acts factually evidenced so far are the intelligence leaks. Robert Mueller has all the power he needs to investigate the illegal leaking of classified information. The appointment of Bob Mueller as Special Investigator to look into the so-called collusion of Trump with Russia and the firing of the FBI's Comey will have the opposite result the loony left is looking for. And when this does not give them what they have been clambering for, they will continue with their lies and accusations. This is all they have.

Donald Trump has a history of this exact strategy. He creates such angst amid his opponents they drive themselves to the furthest extreme in opposition. Once they are in their crazy-space the Donald just laughs; their rabid thrashing and over-the-top displays of condescending anger create such friction they self-immolate.
Blog Author's Comments: It seems to me that Dershowitz has always come out in support of Trump since he began his run for the Presidency, I don’t actually understand why because he is a Democrat, but that's okay. I have to wonder about Special Council Robert Mueller. I don’t believe he’ll find anything at all to incriminate anyone not associated with Donald Trump. He is supposed to be a person of principle but he just may close his eyes and ears to anything else. The MSM is saying and publishing everything they can think of to convince Trump’s base that they made a huge mistake. But, we have to remember, we are not dealing with sane individuals. These losers are so consumed with vile and hatred, not merely against Trump, but for what he represents.

Dershowitz does not tie his legal analysis to his politics. I’m happy Dershowitz is a straight shooter legally. How the hell he could “proudly vote for Hillary,” and announce it publicly, is another thing altogether. At least he’s able to take off his Democrat hat long enough to look at law and see that what we have here is nothing, except a special investigator to waste more time and in the end there will be nothing new to report to the American people. I do not have any faith in anyone but the president right now. I hope that Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel for the Russia investigation, will follow the law.

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