Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Nut Case - DNC Chair Perez Slams
Donald Trump For Being A Fraud

A.G. Sessions Has A Plan To Deport Illegals As Quickly As Possible

Rush Limbaugh Discusses Evelyn Farkas
Admissions Of Surveillance And Intelligence Leaking

Bombshell: Trump Spied Upon By Obama Admin Before He Got Nomination

Trey Gowdy Tells Chuck Schumer On Obama
Wiretapping - 'Spare Us Your Advice On Intelligence'

Soros-Tied Networks, Foundations Joined
Forces To Create
Trump 'Resistance' Fund

Tucker Carlson Interviews
Dr. Stephen Cohen - The Vast Russian Conspiracy

State Dept.: Sanctions Alone Not Enough To Stop Iran's Missile Program

Far Left - Democrat Adam Schiff Press
Conference On President Trump And Russia

House GOP Proposes Idea To Fund Wall With 2% Tax On Incoming Remittances

Evelyn Farkas Attempts To
Explain, Only Digs Herself A Deeper Hole

Via. Christian Mercenary -- We are being shown, by political leaders across the nation, heads of their state, that it is perfectly acceptable to refuse to obey laws with which one disagrees. It is a showdown that will either result in the arrest and trial for treason of these leaders, or it will signal to everyone that this is perfectly reasonable behavior to pick and choose which federal laws will be obeyed and which can be shrugged off.

Now, I know it doesn't work the same way for us lowly citizens, but isn't that the mark of a failed nation? Where political leaders can flout and violate any law without fear of reprisal? Does this not make us a "banana republic" and therefore subject to open rebellion? It is when the people are oppressed by unjust laws, wrongly imprisoned for crimes only selectively prosecuted that open rebellion is justified. That is a founding principle of this nation, supported and encouraged by those same founders.

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