Thursday, April 27, 2017

Even The ACLU Defends Ann Coulter...

Truth Revolt -- Unlikely supporters keep piling up in Ann Coulter's corner in the wake of the cancellation of the conservative provocateur's speaking engagement at UC Berkeley.

Whereas some totalitarians -- oops, we mean liberals -- like Constitutionally-confused former Presidential candidate Howard Dean claimed Coulter didn't have the right to speak, some stood up for her. In addition to frumpy socialist Bernie "Everything should be free!" Sanders and shrill radical Elizabeth "You didn't build that!" Warren, the ACLU – yes, you read that right – stepped up in Coulter's defense. The civil liberties organization declared that shutting down the speech authorities were predicting would be received by a 99% chance of violence represents a "defeat for the first amendment," which is tragically true.

In a tweet, the ACLU National said that Berkeley's snowflakes have used the "heckler's veto" and should be ashamed:
The ACLU couldn't help itself from taking a jab at Coulter, however, referring to her views as "hateful," so it was tepid support at best.
Blog Author's Comments: Ann Coulter's speech is "hateful"? Anything the liberals disagree with is now considered 'hate speech'. As one of the 'deplorables’, I say we need more of Coulter's speeches, they are commonly known as logic, truth and facts. I have to think that the ACLU only got behind Coulter after being shamed into it.

Speaking with Sean Hannity on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday evening, conservative speaker and author Ann Coulter commented on the recent and much-publicized cancellation of her speaking event at UC Berkeley earlier in the week. “I want our audience to be very clear about this [...] you did not cancel. Tell us what happened,” asked Sean.

“Berkeley, as you know, has been changing their position every five minutes,” said Coulter.” “It’s like a game of musical chairs and whenever the music stops the answer is ‘no she can’t speak.’ My allies, whom I love, were on the same side, but they ran away, they gave in. Then there was nothing I can do.”

Hannity asked Coulter if she thought the hatred and intolerance towards her was part of a larger issue: a coordinated effort by liberals to silence conservative voices. “Do you agree with my point that there’s a bigger issue here? What I call ‘liberal fascism’ and this intolerance towards any conservative... Do you agree that this is now an orchestrated and funded effort?”

Coulter agreed, adding that even a few prominent leftists have had enough with the ‘liberal fascists’ that have dominated college campuses and institutions around the country. “It shows how radical the universities are generally," said Coulter, “when you have some liberals saying," ‘Get over yourselves Berkeley, we have a first amendment.’ "People have fought and died for free speech.”

If a group of white students did this to a Black Lives Matter gathering, they would face expulsion and hate crime charges. And this is what should happen to the thugs and their faculty instigators that do this to conservative speakers. Where is the First Amendment which contains within it, ‘freedom of speech’? It apparently does not exist at UC Berkeley.

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