Monday, February 20, 2017

Rand Paul: We're "Very Lucky" Trump Is In Charge And Not McCain

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) blasted fellow Republican and anti-Trump Senator John McCain (R-AZ) Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week.”

ABC News -- Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) ripped fellow Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) on Sunday after McCain criticized President Trump’s escalating war of words with the media.

He argued that the nation is “very lucky” that Trump is president and not McCain, who won the 2008 GOP nomination but lost to Barack Obama in the general election.

Paul said that McCain’s recent criticisms of Trump are driven by his “personal dispute” with the president over foreign policy.

He added that McCain and Trump are at odds because McCain supports the wide deployment of U.S. troops to protect and promote American interests abroad while he characterized Trump’s views as closer to a realpolitik approach to foreign policy.

Rand Paul Defends President Trump, 'John McCain
Has Been Wrong On Just About Everything'

“Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he’s got running with President Trump and it should be taken with a grain of salt because John McCain’s the guy who’s advocated for war everywhere,” Paul said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Meanwhile Senator McCain continues to trash President Trump on NBC News:

John McCain Roasts Trump: His Attacks On
The Media Are "How Dictators Get Started!"

Blog Author's Comments: Arizona owes an apology to the rest of the country for continuing to reelect Senator John McCain. McCain is also pro open borders and Arizona is one of the many states that have a large number of problems because of the illegals crossing the border into Arizona. The traitor McCain badmouthed President Trump while in Germany and came home and continued his attack. I agree with Rand Paul on his comments concerning McCain and thank him for speaking out against him.

The sad thing is that we have reached a point in the history of our nation when the truth is so hard to come by from the men and women in Congress, and McCain will continue to muddy the waters of the Republican Party. We need to hear the truth from our elected officials, but it will not be coming from McCain. The GOP, if they band together, can control the power in Washington for many years. But, if some members of the party continue to stir the pot of divisiveness, it is going to be four years and back under the thumb of the socialist Democrats. Apparently John McCain is one member of Congress who does not give a damn. He is attempting to create some sort of legacy for himself.

And then we have the mainstream media, where there is very little truth. This should not be news to the conservatives but Fox News also cannot be trusted. These are very dangerous times. McCain and many other politicians are very good reasons for term limits. They love the power and prestige and then start to believe they are indispensable. McCain is just another case of the loser criticizing the winner. Why doesn’t he just do his job, what good does all his criticism of Trump do but help the enemy - the Democrats. It seems that he wants to go to war everywhere but is opposed to enhanced interrogation. Somehow that doesn't compute. McCain has always been more critical of Republicans than Democrats. Where were his harsh comments concerning Obama when he was in office?

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