Monday, January 2, 2017

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Sean Spicer Interview With
Jonathan Karl, Liberal Of ABC

Congress 2017 Sees Mandate To Undo Obama Agenda

Alan Dershowitz Discusses
Keith Ellison As Potential DNC Chairman

White House Fails To Make Case That Russians Tampered With Election

Van Jones: 'The
Clinton Days Are Over'

Madman McCain Assails Russian Hacking As An 'Act Of War'

Gutfield: Wishful Thinking
Doesn't Save Lives - Fox News

Bask In How Wrong Leftists Were Predicting 'Trump Will Not Be President'

Rudy Giuliani Full
Interview On Fox & Friends

Blog Author's Comments -- The Obama administration, Democratic Party and all of the media are yelling that the Russians 'hacked' the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump and that is the reason Hillary lost. The hacks were, we hear, carried out on the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Clinton Campaign Chief John Podesta and much of the material was leaked through WikiLeaks.

Knowledgeable anonymous people familiar with the leaks have claimed the hackers/crackers are 'lone wolves.' Many independent security experts said there was little way to know the true origins of the attacks. But no matter what, if anything is never proven, this will never go away. Hillary Clinton and the members of the Democratic Party still cannot come to grips with the fact that she lost, she ran a lazy, poor campaign and she was carrying way too much baggage for so many voters to have any confidence in her.

The real and most accurate reason Hillary Clinton lost the election was because she was the most corrupt, criminal, pathetic human being to ever run for the office of president. At least half of the people realized this. This coupled with the end of 8 years of the worst president in America's history did not help her. The voters did not want a third term of Obama, which is what they would have had with Clinton. As of this writing there is no factual proof that the Russian government carried out the so-called hacking/cracking to sway the election win to Donald J. Trump. He was the best candidate and will prove to be a good president, if he receives some cooperation from the members of his own party.

Obama Could Use 5 Minute Window To Force SCOTUS Pick Garland
Obama Is Unprincipled And Scheming But Would He Go This Far?

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