Monday, December 12, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos & Links To Political News...

Newt Gingrich Goes Off On "Fake News"
And New York Times: "Conspiratorial BS"

Bitter: Congressman Begs Electoral College Voters To Block Trump

Reince Priebus Destroys The Hysterical
Chuck Todd Over Russian Conspiracy Theories

Chill Jill: Judge Rejects Pennsylvania Recount

Kellyanne Conway Full Interview With
John Dickerson On Face The Nation

Obama Mocked Romney Over Russia, But Now Blames Russia For Trump

Tucker Carlson vs. Washington Post
Over "Angry White Racist" Trump Voters

Spiteful McCain Suggests Exxon-Mobil CEO Is Putin Puppet

Donald Trump On Russian Hacking:
It's Ridiculous, I Don't Believe It

Govt. Spends $100 Million Ferrying Illegal Immigrant Children Around Country

Judge Jeanine: The Election
Is Now Over, Mr. President

Blog Author's Comments -- The media and mainstream of the Democratic Party is spending their time trying to delegitimize Donald Trump's election. But Trump is continually on offense, he is not letting the uproar via the NY Times and Washington Post distract him from his work to put his cabinet together and his entire administration.

The, so called, intelligence from unknown sources at the CIA spreading the story via the liberal media that the Russians hacked the DNC, and because of what was exposed through WikiLeaks regarding Hillary, was the reason she lost what was rightfully hers. There is no proof that Russia had anything to do with her failure. This is more 'Fake News' from the Trump haters, liberal media and the Democratic Party.

Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to pile up all those votes in California and New York instead of focusing on electoral battleground states? When did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to call half the country deplorables? Wow, what power Putin has.

Don't Tell Me That The CIA Isn't Politicized

Questions About Vladimir Putin

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