Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mitch McConnell Admits He Never Thought Trump Had A Chance

Townhall -- Donald Trump’s victory on Election Day came as a surprise to politicians and pundits alike, including Sen. Mitch McConnell, who recently told Kentucky Education Television’s “One to One” that he never thought the president-elect would win.

“I didn’t think President Trump had a chance at winning,” he said on the show late Monday. “It never occurred to me that he might be able to win.”

Ultimately it was the way Trump connected with voters that gave him the edge over Hillary Clinton, he explained.

“I think that there was a lot of feeling among just ordinary people all across the country that the current administration didn’t care about them,” he said. “Trump was able to convey—oddly enough, a message from a billionaire who lives in Manhattan—a genuine concern for people who feel kind of left out, are sort of offended by all the political correctness they see around them and didn’t feel like this is the American that they’re accustomed to.”

What surprised McConnell most was Trump’s ability to turn blue states red.

“What was amazing about Trump’s victory is that he pierced the ‘blue wall’ that I haven’t seen a Republican carry in a long time. He was able to break through and that’s why he won a comfortable Electoral College victory. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.”

He also said he thought Republicans “would come up short” in their effort to maintain control of the Senate.

But being wrong on both accounts made the election all the more exciting, he explained.

"It was really exciting because you get more excited about things you don’t expect to occur.”
Blog Author's Comments -- McConnell may well have been excited about something he didn't expect to occur. But, shouldn't he be asking himself why he didn't expect it? Why did he, a professional politician, miss what Trump, a political novice, discovered? Why did it take until election night for it to occur to him that there was at least a possibility of a win? This is an example of the political class in Washington being totally out of touch with everyday Americans, and not even noticing in real time that Trump was connecting with them.

If McConnell was clueless about what most Americans could see plainly, why is he serving as majority leader? For that matter, why is he still a senator? Kentucky, you should be able to do better than him. McConnell is convincing when he admits he was clueless. It is sad, although quite believable, to think that the leader of the Senate GOP is this out of touch with ordinary American middle class voters. That we need a new Senate majority leader goes without saying.

McConnell failed to push hard enough against the Obama agenda. The Senate passed few bills it knew Obama would veto. McConnell became 'tough' this year because he knew in his mind Trump would not win. If Trump was not elected, he could then position himself to say that with another democrat president, the GOP did what it could and he would need to reach across the aisle. In other words, the GOP would capitulate again and the Senate would remain the same old swamp. A Clinton win would have provided him with cover because he would claim the people wanted something to get done by voting for Clinton. Now, he has a GOP President and there will be no excuses not to accomplish a constitutional agenda. Trump has altered McConnell's potential excuses. I have to believe McConnell is now feeling some pressure, because he will be asked to produce and help the president accomplish his agenda. It will be interesting to observe his actions beginning January, 20 2017.

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