Friday, December 16, 2016

GOP Senator : "I'm Sure Vladimir Putin Is Shaking
In His Boots" After Obama Threatens Retaliation

GP -- Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) mocked Obama on Friday during an interview on the DNC email leaks. Obama told NPR on Thursday that he would retaliate against Russia over the alleged hacking of DNC emails. Johnson told America’s Newsroom:

“I’m sure Vladimir Putin is shaking in his boots.”

Senator Ron Johnson said he asked for a CIA briefing but was denied:

“I asked for a secure briefing from the CIA this morning… And they refused a briefing.”

Blog Author's Comments -- The Chief Executive Obama will probably draw another red line which he has done on many occasions and it means nothing, just his bad ass rhetoric. But, he had no problem with the DNC screwing Bernie Sanders and attempting to influence the Israeli election. Putin is well aware of the kinds of "retaliation" that Obama is capable of. Just like Obama's Syrian red line debacle, Putin is bracing himself for another meaningless lecture from Obama. In only about a month this worthless person who now occupies the White House will be gone, at least as the president.

He's just trying to start civil unrest here and cause problems for Trump's transition. It is incredibly reckless, and I don't understand why all these "anti-war" democrats are beating the war drums for Russia. Even if Russia did what they say - and I don't believe they did - it's nothing that we haven't done a hundred times around the world. Obama, Hillary and all Democrats get over it! You lost because Hillary was a terrible candidate. And there is no briefing from our intelligence people because they do not know or have proof that Russia hacked anything that affected the outcome of the election. But the Democrats and their buddies with the MSM have run with the story. The left just cannot deal with Clinton’s loss of the presidency.

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