Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GOP Bill Defunds Schools That Ban The American Flag

Washington Examiner -- Dozens of House Republicans have introduced legislation that would prevent federal funds from being used to fund schools and colleges that ban the American flag.

The bill was introduced the same week that Hampshire College in Massachusetts decided to remove the American flag from the campus.

Initially, the college lowered the flag to protest President-elect Trump’s election victory, and student protesters burned the flag the next day. The flag was removed entirely as a form of further protest, and eventually raised again Dec. 2.

That started a petition asking that federal funds be removed for any college that takes down the flag. And on Friday, Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, and 52 other House Republicans put forward legislation to accomplish that.
Blog Author's Comments -- It is shameful that this even has to become a bill. Americans should be proud to have our flag fly, very proud. If a student or faculty member does not want to support America and those who died for that flag then no US tax dollars for them. Also, any foreign guest student on a visa involved in anti-American propaganda and 'activist' ‘protests’ should have their visa revoked and be deported.

It is about time that some sanity started showing. If the American flag offends them, then American taxpayer's money should offend them to. Hopefully, with a real American President in the White House, we can now start pushing back on these leftists who have taken over many of our Colleges, Public Schools and so much of the government.

Unfortunately there are college students and instructors of these students, who refuse to respect our country's flag, and many feel the exact same way about our military. Perhaps they should educate themselves about what happened today, 75 years ago, with the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. How many of these students and instructors would gladly join the military to defend our country? I would say the percentage would be very small.

Remembering A Small Part of Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 was a different America. Four months later, there was the Doolittle Raid on Japan. It showed that America was willing to hit back. It was 3-1/2 years from the Pearl Harbor attack and the Japanese surrender. We're fifteen years after the 9/11 attack, which killed more people, and we have yet to impose massive defeat upon our enemy.
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