Wednesday, December 14, 2016

'Good Riddane, Mr. Reid' - Romney Tells Reid He Has No Respect For Him

Twitchy -- In response to Romney’s willingness to meet with Trump, presumably about a potential secretary of state gig, Reid told the Huffington Post: “This is man who came out big-time against Trump. Oh, the things he said about Trump. Well, that’s great, that’s wonderful,” Reid said. “Either he wasn’t telling the truth, or he’s a person with no character. After having said that, to go and do homage to this guy he said awful things about, I don’t think that shows much character.” “Mitt Romney is somebody I had respect for,” Reid said, in a somewhat dubious assertion. “I have none anymore.”

In response to Harry Reid, Romney had some choice words of his own for scumbag Reid: "I was indeed very critical of Mr. Trump during his campaign. But now he has ben elected president and accordingly, If I could have helped shape foreign policy to protect the country I love, I would have been more than willing to do so." Romney said through a spokesperson. "As for Mr. Reid, I lost respect for him when he repeatedly lied about my taxes and later admitted to it cheerily. Good riddance, Mr. Reid. The Senate will be better served without you in it."
Blog Author's Comments -- Too little, too late, Romney, but at least you are finally showing some character. It looks like President-Elect Trump helped Romney find his spine. Too bad he didn't have it in 2012. After Romney slammed Trump's tax returns I put him in the same category as Reid. Romney fought against Trump much more vigorously than he fought against Obama.

This is the Trump Effect. Expect more outright pushback from others in the future. It's time the right fought back. The Senate will be much better without Harry Reid in it. He is a lying, scheming unprofessional little person who will say and do anything in attempt to get his way. Reid shriveled up after he lost his control of the Senate. If only he would have retired years ago.

But, Harry Reid initiated the process of invoking the so-called "nuclear option," which changed Senate rules for the way the upper chamber considers certain presidential appointments. This is the only good thing he left for the GOP. And now it should help President Donald J. Trump. The nuclear or constitutional option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of by a supermajority of 60 votes.

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