Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This Is Not What Happens To A Winning
Campaign One Week Before An Election

Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats Are In Abject
Panic, This Is Not Where Hillary Was Supposed To Be

Blog Author's Comments -- It is not only Hillary Clinton and her people that are in denial but all of the Democrats are in panic mode, including the MSM that are alarmed, in high anxiety and dismay, because this should not have happened to Hillary or them. Not after all the water they have carried for Hillary Clinton over the years but especially during the past 18 months.

I am not going to predict that Donald J. Trump will be our next president, but I certainly do hope so. Because he may not 'Make America Great Again' but he will stop the same old same within both parties and I believe he will control the illegals entering the country, defend our Second Amendment, improve the health care for many and place people on the high court that will do what is best for our country. If he does not win the election our country cannot withstand a third term of Obama which it will essentially be with Hillary Clinton in the White House.

I have mentioned it before but she will continue what Obama has started, but on steroids. She will place at least three new Justices on the Supreme Court much like those that Obama put there. There are already four Justices who do not believe in the Constitution. There will be so many changes to our country that many of us will not recognize what it once was. We will be overrun by illegals to which she will magically grant citizenship. And they will vote for the Democrats and keep their party in power forever.

Personally, I stopped believing the MSM and pollsters many years ago. But the media became completely unhinged because of Trump, and that probably opened the eyes of millions of people. We also saw all the hate on the left. Hillary is a candidate for the low-information people, the materialists, and the mentally weak. Trump has proven that you can win against overwhelming odds when you're true to yourself, believe in yourself, and don't bow down.

Conservatism in the U.S. is dead. In early 2014 I still identified as a conservative, only to be lectured by 'real Constitutional conservatives' that Trump isn't a conservative and that I'm not a conservative if I support him. The problem was that conservatives have not helped the country in decades. They use labels just like the left and so many have still refused to help the party and Donald Trump win the election of 2016, the most important election of my lifetime.

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