Thursday, November 17, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz Discusses Visit To Trump Tower...

Cruz Slams The Hypocrisy Of Democrats
Over President Elect Donald Trump's Big Win

Blog Author's Comments -- I realized while watching this video that I still have some problems with Sen. Ted Cruz, even though he was once my top pick for the GOP nomination before Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring. But, he is an intelligent, bright man and there is one thing not many can deny is that Cruz cares for this country and believes in the Constitution. I trust Trump's judgment and if he offers Cruz a job in his cabinet, I am fine with that. And just because Trump talks to someone, it does not mean he is going to offer them a job. He wants to unify the country and that might have a lot to do with the discussions he is having with many of his invitees.

With some of them it could well be “I will say this only once. You have only three choices, and you can only pick one. Get on the train, get off the track or get run over.” But I definitely do not trust the Governor of S.C. Nikki Haley a Trump critic. The same can be said about the former Governor of Massachusetts and presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who because of some comments he has made about Trump, I would not want him as a member of Trump's cabinet and certainly not as the Secretary of State. Romney is supposed to meet with Trump this weekend.

I have a feeling that the President-Elect may also be trolling the media by leaking false rumors. I have a feeling he’d like nothing more that to use every bit of leverage he has against them. I also believe that Ted Cruz as a Senator could be reelected with just a few Trump rallies in Texas. Cruz could do a lot in his present position as a Senator helping President Trump take out Obamacare, destroying Obamatrade, and passing Trump’s jobs plan, etc. He could also be of assistance in getting Trump’s picks into the SCOTUS. We shall see.

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