Thursday, November 10, 2016

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Donald Trump Delivers Victory Speech After Being
Elected The 45th President Of The United States

Dark Days For Obama's White House

Sean Hannity: Trump Victory In 2016 Presidential
Election Was "A Modern-Day Political Miracle"

What Happens Next For Criminal Hillary Now That She's The Biggest Loser?

ABC's Martha Raddatz Fights Back Tears Over
The "Implications" Of Donald Trump Presidency

Facing Long Odds, Donald Trump Rewrote The Political Playbook

Ed Klein: Weeping Hillary Blamed
FBI's Comey And Obama For Loss

White House Won't Rule Out Presidential Pardon For Hillary Clinton

Ann Coulter: Trump Victory Was The Defeat Of Globalism

Trump Victory Is A Win For The Little Guy Over The Elite

Newt Gingrich Interview, Why Comey Let Clinton Go

Blog Author's Comments -- We have been governed against our will for the last eight years. But, I am already hearing rumblings that the left demand the right now should 'reach across the aisle' and 'compromise for unity'. It is always about the Republican Party working with the Democrats. The Democratic Party has been decimated so why would we want to do what the Democrats want? The time to unify with the Democrats is after we have forced them to surrender. They lost and have been losing seats nation wide since 2010. If Donald Trump would have run in 2012 I believe he would have defeated Obama.

The presidency of Obama has been sent packing. Obama's legacy has been repudiated. Hillary had to steal her nomination from Bernie Sanders. But, the media continues to lie to those who pay attention to them. The people put Donald Trump in the White House because they wanted to save our country and change what has happened to their lives. Because of Trump we now have the opportunity of a lifetime to put the brakes on the forces of the left. We have a strong leader. He will place Justices on the Supreme Court who will rule according to the Constitution for decades. This alone was a huge prize for the people of the country.

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