Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016 - The Most Important Election In Our Lifetime

Blog Author's Comments -- If you are a person trying to decide between the two candidates and you don't really like either one, understand that one of them has their fingerprints all over much that is wrong in this country, is actually attached to it. And that would be Hillary Clinton. You have another candidate who is a legitimate outsider who hasn't had one thing to do with whatever you think is wrong in America today; the decision is easy, vote for Donald Trump and let him 'Make America Great Again.'

The Democrat Party is a party that wants our borders wide open so that people with very little education, no skills whatsoever, and who don't even speak the language are able to flood our job market. If that's what you want, Hillary Clinton is your vote. If you want more of the same that we received from Obama, which is going to make sure we continue our decline and a downward spiral, then its Hillary Clinton. She is not qualified to be president. She hasn't done anything to earn the job; she has been a failure during her entire career in politics. Now go vote!

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