Monday, October 17, 2016

The Real Danger Of America Being Taken To An Abyss Forever
By Hillary Clinton, Is The Real Reason To Vote For Donald Trump

"We will never fix a rigged system by relying on the
people who rigged it in the first place." - Donald J. Trump

The Stakes Of The 2016 Election, Taking A Knee Is Not An Option

Blog Author's Comments -- Only Donald Trump can end this continual corruption by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and many Rino's in the Republican Party. If he loses the election it will be devastating for America and those that truly care about what happens to our country. Clinton, will continue what Obama has started but on steroids. Because, she will be able to name at least 3 Justices to the Supreme Court, and even if the GOP still has control of Congress they will do nothing to stop her. Donald Trump has shown many voters, who did not realize, just how leftist the media is. The only two that are not are two conservative talk radio shows. And Clinton, if elected, will attempt to stop them. America is teetering on the outcome of the election of 2016.

Below is a detailed list of noteworthy Podesta emails recently released by WikiLeaks. (and this is only update 4)

**Hillary Policies**

Hillary Clinton Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders.’

Hillary Admits Saudi Arabia and Qatar Fund ISIS – But Took Their Money Anyway.

Hillary sat on Board that funded ISIS.

Hillary’s own advisor blamed Hillary for Benghazi.

Hillary bragged about being invited to Russia’s Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum.’

Clinton Campaign Fudged Climate Change Data – Inflated Emission Numbers.

Hillary team picked Tim Kaine as VP in July 2015.

Clinton Camp worried as Chelsea hosts “fundraiser” aka Cash payment for Radical Islamic Group that wants to end Israel.

Hillary concerned Obama’s over regulation of banks is killing the industry. (but this is her position as well)

Obama’s rhetoric ruined the status of forces agreement with Iraq, thus creating ISIS.

Trump is right – liberal Hispanic judge’s wife met with Podesta.

Hillary’s team agrees that Hillary is running for Obama’s 3rd term.

Clinton campaign discussing how to make Hillary more likable.

Donald Trump tweets: Obama owes Hillary for illegally holding his emails.

Hillary agrees Obamacare stinks in speech to Goldman Sachs but promotes with public.

Democrats downplay Benghazi because only 4 people died.

Smoking gun on Iran deal – Nuclear War coming.

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