Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Media Who Are Democratic Hacks Must
Make Trump More Unlikable Than Hillary

Media 'Agents Of Destruction' Trying To
Make Trump More Unlikeable Than Hillary

Blog Author's Comments -- I would think that most people by now would be suspicious of the latest stories that suddenly surface, so close to Election Day, in an attempt to take Trump down. These kinds of late in the campaign liberal media and Democratic Party tricks are always used. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Donald Trump’s factual polling statistics are blowing Hillary Clinton out of the water. Compounding the problem for Team Clinton is the abject lack of enthusiasm for her.

Notice every single overreaching, over-the-top effort being exhausted by the media and political action groups in a desperate attempt to tamp down Trump’s supportive numbers. If Clinton was really winning by these margins the media sells, there would not be half of this effort. You cannot believe the media or the polls. We will once again observe if the voters actually care about what happens to our country.

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