Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Techie Proves Donna Brazile's Emails Weren't Doctored, Despite Claims

Townhall -- When Fox News’ Megyn Kelly confronted Donna Brazile over a Wikileaks email that shows the interim DNC chair giving Hillary Clinton the exact wording to a question before a town hall event, Brazile claimed the emails were doctored. But now, one tech blogger says it’s quite easy to prove they weren’t.

Tech blog Errata Security took up the challenge, finding the email Brazile sent to campaign adviser Jennifer Palmieri and ran it through a verification program.
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a system employed by many email servers, including HillaryClinton.com, to verify emails to recipients and avoid spam filters. The system sends a DKIM "key" to the receiver to verify the sender and confirm the email hasn’t been tampered with.

Consequently, bloggers ran the DKIM keys included in this and other emails through verification software, which in turn validated the Palmieri email as both real and undoctored.
Cybersecurity expert Robert Graham detailed the process in his post for Errata Security and told Fox News the validation “took less than five minutes.”

Graham is so confident the verification program is accurate that he’s offering a $600 BitCoin challenge to anyone who can doctor an email and still have it show as verified after running through DKIM software.

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Blog Author's Comments -- I have absolutely zero doubt that Hillary was provided the debate question prior to the debate. That is the way the Democrats play their game. Lying comes easy for Donna Brazile, yet she says she is a Christian woman, too funny!

The problem is lying, cheating and corruption doesn't matter to progressive and low information voters who are being told continuously they are victims of the Republicans and the unfair world that they have created. They fall for the socialist siren wrapped with stories of a fairytale world where the laws of economics, competition, and hard work don't apply. And every four years the Democrats turn the Republican candidate into a scary fill-in-the-blank person who hates them and who will threaten their very existence. Sadly, it works on half the country. No one in their right mind would put Hillary in as President, making her essentially the Godmother of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Trump voters know this and better exceed projected turnout numbers at the poles, or the nightmare continues.

There isn't a single person in Hillary's campaign that isn't a long time accomplished liar. The sad part is they always accuse someone else of a wrong doing to try to cover up their lies. The thing is that the Hillary cabal has probably bleached all the emails that might be used to prove that WikiLeaks emails were indeed doctored. They had to destroy the incriminating evidence. But who dares to hold her feet to the fire. Some of this may come out after the fact but by that time she will either be the president or Obama will have pardoned her and Brazile.

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