Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Chris Wallace Shows He Is Another Liberal Democrat Working For
Fox News. He Will Be The Debate Moderator For the Last Debate

Chris Christie: NYT Hit Piece On Trump
Taxes Show No Wrongdoing By Trump

Blog Author's Comments -- Here is Chris Christie defending Donald Trump against the New York Times’ hit piece on supposed Trump tax documents leaked to the Times. Christie points out the hit piece admits there is nothing in the leaked documents that show Trump did anything illegal – only that he used the tax laws to pay as little Federal Income Tax as possible. But, Chris Wallace continues his attempt to use the illegally obtained taxes, to show that Donald Trump did something wrong.

Does anyone really try to pay more Federal Income Tax than they are legally required to pay? As Christie rightly points out, the story also does not prove Trump paid zero Federal Income Tax for 18 years, only that he could have reduced his tax liability by applying losses from the 1990’s for a period of 18 years. Wallace is already preparing his attacks to be used against Trump for the last presidential debate. He will, no doubt, send the questions he will ask of Hillary to her and her staff so she can rehearse her answers. There is no news organization who does what they are supposed to do, report the news.

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