Friday, September 2, 2016

Presidential Debate Moderaters - The Same Old Same

Washington Examiner -- The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the moderators of the three presidential debates Friday, along with details about what formats those debates would include.

Lester Holt of NBC News is slated to moderate the first debate on Sept. 26, followed by Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN as moderators of the second, town-hall-style debate on Oct. 9.

Chris Wallace of Fox News will moderate the third presidential debate on Oct. 19.

Elaine Quijano of CBS will moderate the lone vice-presidential debate on Oct. 4.

Participants in the town-hall debate will be undecided voters selected by Gallup, and candidates will receive two minutes each to respond to questions at every event.

Blog Author's Comments -- Let’s face it. There is no pushback against the leftist onslaught in America today. The Republican Party is weak, ineffective and a failed organization. Once again committed anti-Trump leftist reporters will moderate all of the presidential debates.

I have no doubt that Hillary will be given the questions in advance of the debates and will be wearing her ear piece, so she can be prompted by her campaign staff about what she should say. Chris Wallace of Fox News may be the worst as a moderator. He is so blatantly out to sink Trump. And on a side note Martha Raddatz had Barrack Obama in attendance at her wedding.

But, just remember folks, Donald Trump is not Romney, if the leftists try to pull the same crap on him he will call them out on national television and shut them down, it should be quite entertaining to watch. I also don't believe that undecided voters will be among the participants in the town-hall debate. They will be leftists plants.

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