Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Politically Oriented Videos -- Featuring Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Kellyanne Conway Interview With ABC
Martha Raddatz - Good Morning America

10 Prominent Doctors Question Hillary Clinton's Health

Chris Wallace Leads Today's Trump Bashing Panel
Hey George Will, the illegal aliens have broken our laws, they are
here illegally! Everyone on this panel will vote for Hillary Clinton.

More Lies: Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills Told FBI
They Knew Nothing About Hillary's
Private Server

Governor Mike Pence Interview
With Chuck Todd - Meet The Press
It is difficult for me to watch and listen
to this total leftist 'reporter' Chuck Todd.

All The Lies: They've Turned Us Into A Rotting Banana Republic

Hillary Clinton Calls Former KKK Leader
Her 'Mentor And Friend' (Robert C. Byrd)
Hillary Clinton has proven she is the most corrupt,
dishonest person to ever run for the presidency.

Relax, Nancy Pelosi Says No Need To Worry If
Hillary Potentially Let Slip
A Few State Secrets

Limbaugh: We Have A 'Segregated Media'

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