Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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Clinton's Campaign Manager Robby Monk Repeats "Power
Through" Talking Point - Tapper Accepts Monk's Bullshit

Bill Clinton Says: Oh, Yeah! Hillary Faints A Lot

At Posh Fundraiser, Hillary Clinton Calls "Half, Of
All Trump Supporters "A Basket Of Deplorables"

Charles Barkley Exposes The Truth: Blacks,
Not Whites, Are Keeping
Black People Down

Ed Rollins: Hillary Clinton Will Have A Hard Time Putting
"Deplorables" Attack On Trump Supporters Behind Her

Clinton Team Avoided ER To Conceal Details Of Her Medical Treatment

CNN Fact-Checker Has To Admit Clinton Aides
Destroyed Hillary Email Devices "With Hammers"

Exposed: FBI Director James Comey's Clinton Foundation Connection

Rep. Trey Gowdy Questions FBI
Director (Corrupt) James Comey

Blog Author's Comments -- Democrats have grave concerns about Hillary Clinton. The polls are tightening now. In the battleground states, it's become a dead heat. Trump has, in the words of the media, "seemingly matured," is doing things right, staying on message. His rallies continue to draw tens of thousands of people. Mrs. Clinton can't draw 500. It's panic time.

Now, let's look at this "deplorables" comment Hillary Clinton made. "Deplorable" has many different definitions: Disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, and inexcusable. But we know how she meant it. She was basically saying that half of Donald Trump's voters are human debris. This is a woman seeking the presidency. That's violating rule number one! You should want to be president of all the people. What was deplorable was what she allowed to happen in Benghazi, what she did with her private email server, that she deleted thousands of emails when she was told not to. Hillary Clinton folks, is the one that is "Deplorable."

I don't wish anyone ill health, but in Hillary Clinton's case I will make an exception. She would actually be worse than Barrack Hussein Obama, and that is saying something. Clinton cannot be allowed to place at least 2 and probably 4 new Supreme Court Justices on the high court. They would all be of the same mindset as her, and the two Obama placed, on the Supreme Court, for life. This would set the country back generations and they would make drastic changes to our Constitution.

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