Monday, September 26, 2016

NYTimes' Johathan Martin: "The Degree To Which
People Believe" Clinton Is Dishonest Is Incredible

GP -- Jonathan Martin, the national political correspondent for The New York Times, hammered on Hillary Clinton Sunday morning on CNN.

Blog Author's Comments -- I find his comment quite telling, coming from a New York Times reporter, who would say this about Hillary Clinton one day before the first presidential debate and so close to the general election. But he is being factual for a change. The New York Times is always on the side of the Democrats. But, he is only echoing what so many polls say, he cannot spin the polls for Hillary and be believable.

Just imagine, if the media would do their job, this election would be over for her. They're keeping her desperately afloat. For Democrats, it is okay even an obligation, to lie, cheat and steal when fighting evil Republicans, saving the planet from global warming, feeding children, etc. You hear the same old same from them before every election. That is why Hillary's ads are always about why you shouldn't vote for Donald Trump rather than why you should vote for her. Her only avenue to the white house is to make Trump look worse than she is.

Pre-Debate Perspective

Let’s face it, we’re being forced to live through this ridiculous bizarre world, info-stream of media manipulation being called the great debate that just may determine who the next president will be. The importance and value of the Trump-Clinton presidential debate will be directly proportional to the media’s ability to declare Hillary Clinton the winner.

If Clinton does poorly, debates don’t matter. If Clinton does well, nothing has ever been more important in the history of all presidential campaigns than debates.

Replace the name Clinton with Trump above, and you can just reverse the valuation. Trump does good, debates don’t matter. Trump does poorly, debates are the height of excellence, the determining factor.

These are the expressed media rules of the narrative going into the debate tonight. If Hillary remains standing and doesn’t cough out her wandering left eye into her custom glass of thick water – she’ll be declared the winner and there will be no need to hold an election on November 8, 2016.

"Deplorables Unite"

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage On Hillary Clinton:
"The Worst Candidate I've Ever Seen In The States"

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