Friday, September 16, 2016

Hillary: I'm The 'Most Transparent' Presidential Candidate Ever

Truth Revolt -- Hillary Clinton, fresh from a recent bout of overheating, dehydration, flu, pneumonia, exhaustion etc., got back on the campaign trail with a Thursday morning radio interview, though she now seems to be suffering from something else -- serious self-delusion.

On The Tom Joyner Show with News One’s Roland Martin and CNN’s Don Lemon, the conversation turned to the criticisms of Clinton that were revealed in Colin Powell‘s recently leaked emails, and it was on that point that Lemon asked her about whether she is hubristic by not being more transparent with the people.

Mediaite reports that as Hillary spoke, she got an audible chuckle from the others as she insisted that she was not only more transparent than Donald Trump, but more transparent than any U.S. presidential candidate before her:

“I think I’ve worked very, very hard to be more transparent than not just my opponent, but in a comparison to anybody who’s run. The medical information I put out, and we’re going to put out more, meets and exceeds the standard that other presidential candidates, including President Obama and Mitt Romney, have met. I think the real questions need to be directed to Donald Trump and his failure to meet even the most minimalistic standards that we expect of someone being the nominee of our two major parties.”

So much for not being hubristic.

Hillary’s claim is curious considering that a lack of transparency -- i.e., inveterate lying -- is one of the biggest problems voters have with her.
Blog Author's Comments -- Hillary, by referring to herself as the "most" transparent, that should tell anyone who has been paying attention to the campaign and her political career that she is the last person America needs as our president. Liars have to lie, she can't help herself. Hillary may have learned transparency from Obama. It is hard to tell who learned what from whom. I just hope these two can become so transparent that we can't hear and see them anymore.

It’s easy to see through the bullshit she spews. So in that sense she is pretty transparent. And with her statements, she insulted the intelligence of every American. That's nothing short of 'deplorable.' And I would bet she said ‘transparent’ with a straight face. This does not even deserve to be called a lie. A lie implies that the truth was considered even for a moment and discarded. The truth has never ever entered Hillary Clinton’s sick mind.

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