Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wore Ear Piece During Last Night's Veteran's Forum

GP -- First things first, Hillary Clinton feels entitled to the presidency. She will take whatever measures she must to in order win — even if that consists of more lying, cheating, and stealing her way to the White House. Clinton wore an ear piece in last night’s Commander in Chief Forum hosted by NBC and MSNBC. This was the first event where both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were invited to attend together. Each candidate received a short period with host Matt Lauer. It was expected that both candidates would provide unaided answers to the questions asked but it appears Hillary did not.

Donald Trump tweeted after the event his disdain for candidate Clinton using the ear piece which provided her a boost in answering questions. Trump tweeted “We can’t let Hillary get away with wearing an ear piece during tonight’s Veteran Forum”.

Others noted her cheating ways as well accusing Hillary of eye movements and gaps between speech that showed she was listening and not thinking.

Cheating like this is not totally unexpected. President Obama was accused of doing the same thing in the debates in 2012 with candidate Romney and some have warned that this may happen again. As noted by if you go back and watch the second and third debates in 2012, examine Obama’s mannerism and head movements while he was watching Mitt Romney speak. It looks like the Democrats are at it again and again clearly cannot be trusted.
Blog Author's Comments -- It certainly appears as if Clinton is wearing an ear piece. This may sound rather bizarre, but I think if Trump insisted on Ear Inspectors on stage for the debates, that would be more highly effective than anything else. It would draw attention. Few if any major news organizations are going to report on this. They are all in Hillary's camp. I think it's well past the time to play hardball. Americans that believe in America need to stop being polite. I will say however that even with an ear piece and even with Lauer setting up Trump, Trump appeared to do much better than Clinton. Hillary can't even lie correctly with help from a gaggle of other liars through an earpiece.

Talk radio has mentioned this and the narrative that she's a lying cheat will only harden with anyone paying attention. With the election of 2016, everything is at stake and there is no do-over if our side is defeated. We will never have the chance to elect someone as president that can start the program of repairing some of the damage which has occurred during the past 12 years. If Hillary Clinton wins the office of president, and she and her people will do everything they can to make it happen, life in America will never be the same.

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Grumpy said...

Ooooh, I'll bet it was Jews whispering in her ear.

Kirby said...

So what is your problem with Jewish people? Obama does not like them either. No one should be 'whispering in her ear'! It is illegal. But, no doubt, not if Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama do it.