Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This Is The Reason Clinton Probably Regrets Her Chris Wallace Interview

DownTrend -- On Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a rare interview to Fox News’ Chris Wallace. One topic of discussion included her actions regarding her email server scandal. She still pretends and conveys that she did nothing wrong. Wallace then shared that FBI Director James Comey stated that nothing she shared with the American public was true.

She tried to ignore and deflect by responding, “Chris, that’s not what I heard Director Comey say, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to, in my view, clarify.” She must have heard something that millions of American voters cannot? Well, it isn’t the first time Clinton was caught fibbing, and it certainly won’t be the last. Comey publicly stated that classified material was sent by email.

Yet, Clinton still says that wasn’t the case. Wonder what would happen to someone lower on the totem pole if they engaged in Hillary Clinton’s actions? The only thing she’s willing to admit is that it was a mistake. Remember when she lied in 1996 about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire as a First Lady?
Blog Author's Comments -- The fact she has any supporters at all only serves to lower my faith in humanity. It is too bad so many of the citizenry are politically ignorant. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and lives in a fantasy land of her own making. So far, she has been able to crawl out from under her lies and corruption unscathed. Some of her supporters simply have shallow brains and others, will continue to vote for anyone running for office from the Democratic Party, because they feel that is the party that will give them the most free stuff.

Many people in both parties will lie and they know that many of us know they lie. The big problem is all the non-thinking voters who have no clue that the politicians are lying. The leftist media are creating their own stories about Donald Trump because they want Hillary Clinton to win. Donald Trump has to stay on target and not be distracted by those who take their shots at him. He has to win the election this November, both for himself and the thinking voters who want what is best for the country. If not, it will be the end of the Republican Party as it now exists, which would not be a huge loss, but the honest hard working citizens do not deserve to have Clinton as the president after four years of Barack Obama.

What FBI Director James Comey
Really Said About Hillary Clinton

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