Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sean Hannity Rips Media Voices On Our
Side Who Help Democrats Attack Trump

NewsNinja -- Fox News Radio Show host Sean Hannity went after the Never Trumpers during his show yesterday lambasting Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, Ted Cruz and much more.

Am I right or wrong? What the Never Trumpers have done that has never been done since I’ve been politically aware is campaign against its party candidate and that’s a fact. Instead of beating Trump fair and square on the battlefield, these political voices have resorted to throwing stones and attacking the GOP candidate along with the enemy.

Hannity is correct! If Hillary wins, it’s true blood on those conservative hands that didn’t get on board with Trump! Their names won’t be forgotten and even during the riots and civil war uprisings that will happen if Hillary’s elected. They may have a different opinion then, but it will be to late! They will have to lay in the bed they made!

"You Own Her": Hannity Goes On Angry
Rant Against #NeverTrumpers, Glenn Beck

You tell ’em, Sean! Beck has gone off the deep end! He is no longer rational, and to think I used to like the man! True conservatives need to call out these fakes that call themselves Republicans. Hannity is doing what needs to be done. Beck has always had left leaning ideas, now he’s showing his true colors.

Do you think Hannity was right to attack voices on our side who are publicly attacking our candidate so that he could lose against Hillary?
Blog Author's Comments -- In this case Sean Hannity is the best of what we've got, at what he does, during the run up to this extremely important election for anyone who actually cares about our country. There has to be a full throttle, enthusiastic promotion of the GOP candidate Donald Trump, until election night by conservative talk show hosts, bloggers and everyone else that can make a difference. It's all hands on deck. So, that means Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin don't make the cut. They are both, I believe, #NeverTrumper traitors to America because they will not take a stand like Hannity does.

They both spend three hours a day playing indifferent, dispassionate analysts on the radio. And if Clinton does win, her victory will not affect them. Their shows and salaries will continue. What a Hillary presidency will do is smack down the middle class and it will be the end of the Republican Party. She and a retooled Supreme Court will take drastic action, and most of us will not like what they will do. It is bad now with Obama but life will be much worse with Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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