Monday, August 15, 2016

Political Videos Concerning - ‘Crooked’ Hillary & The Liberal Media...

Rand Paul Calls For Indictment Of Hillary Clinton

Feds Debate Releasing Clinton's FBI Interview

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Questions FBI Director
Comey On Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

Trump Supporter Does What Every Red-Blooded
American Wants To Do When
Meeting CNN Reporters

Malzberg/Attkisson Saw Ex-Media Bureau
Chief Urge Journalists To Defeat Trump

Report: RNC Prepares To Throw Election
To Hillary By Defunding
Trump Campaign

Giuliani: Trump Is Not Part Of The Club

Trump: "I'm Not Running Against Crooked Hillary,
I'm Running Against
The Crooked Media"

Donald Trump Campaign In
Pennsylvania - Trump On Hannity

Hillary Clinton's Economic Plan: Tax-And-Spend With A Vengeance

Paul Manafort Interview With
Jake Tapper, CNN State Of The Union

[ Jake Tapper Is 2016's Version Of
George Stephanopoulos In 2012 ]

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