Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Giuliani To Sephanopoulos: Stop Misinterpreting
Trump's Words And Putting Words In His Mouth

News Ninja -- Is there anyone out there who is a stronger surrogate for Donald Trump right now than former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani? He is cleaning house and getting the best defense for Trump while the rabid liberal media continues to create lies and falsehoods about the GOP nominee.

During Wednesday morning’s interview on ABC, George Stephanopoulos asked Giuliani shouldn’t Trump watch his words and Rudy came in from another direction that many of us have been saying at our kitchen tables or water coolers.

Watch this interview below:

Stephanopoulos Changes Subject When Giuliani
Discuses Terrorist's Father Supporting Clinton

Blog Author's Comments -- So apparently it's okay to interpret free speech comments made by Donald Trump regarding the 2nd Amendment as a death threat towards Hillary Clinton, but we're not allowed to point out the fact the Orlando shooter's father is sitting right behind her at a rally. Again, it is hypocrisy at its finest. Not to mention we're witnessing the left's continual assault on our 1st Amendment rights. You will always have a right to say what you say and not be punished for someone's sick, twisted interpretation, unless you are Donald Trump and stand in the way of the leftist media, who will do whatever they can to put 'crooked' Clinton's fat ass in the White House.

Clinton said she didn't know he was in the audience. Really, I would think the Secret Service would have to approve the group that sits behind the criminal when she speaks. Also, the terrorist's father said he was invited by the DNC. Once again Clinton the liar 'did not know'. I and many others are sick of the media ripping and changing every word that Trump says. Wake up America, even with the Clinton Machine, the Democrats, some Republicans and most of the media against him, I believe Donald Trump will be our next president, he has to be or America is doomed.

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