Friday, July 1, 2016

'Make America Great Again' Whiteboard Messages
Deemed 'Racial Attack' By Campus Bias Response Team

The College Fix -- A series of messages left on dry-erase whiteboards at Skidmore College during the spring semester saying “Make America Great Again” were deemed racially motivated attacks, a determination made by the school’s Bias Response Group.

The group’s year-end report notes that the term – the tagline of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump — was written on the whiteboards of two female faculty of color, one of whom has “immigrant parentage.” One message appeared in March and another in April in separate buildings.

The report states the slogan “is associated with the political campaign of a candidate widely known to voice anti-immigrant and bigoted views.”

The report concluded that while the group “acknowledges that political speech is free and protected … [t]hese seemingly connected reports suggest a pattern of using the idea of political speech to target specific members of the Skidmore community with biased messaging. As such, the [group] does not interpret these messages as political speech but as racialized, targeted attacks.”

In April, after the so-called “Chalkening” kicked into high gear nationwide, “multiple faculty door whiteboards” at Skidmore were hit with “Make America Great Again” messages, the report states.
Blog Author's Comments -- This is an institute of higher learning? The facts would argue otherwise. The list of what is racist is so long now I need a written list. Why aren’t we provided a list of stuff that they don't consider racist that might be easier. Anyway, I really don't give a damn what they think, it is time to 'Make America Great Again' especially after the last almost eight years of what the Obama regime has done to our country along with sickening the minds of the people who cannot think for themselves. To the students and faculty at Skidmore College, welcome to real life where nobody cares if you're offended and your feelings don't matter over something as trivial as what you are whining about.
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