Thursday, June 9, 2016

Paul Ryan Will Trash Trump As Racist On "Face The Nation"

CBS News (Interview has already been recorded) -- "House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, has strongly disavowed comments made by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump less than a week after endorsing him. In a Face the Nation interview set to air this upcoming Sunday, host John Dickerson asked the Speaker how his endorsement is “sitting,” after Donald Trump’s allegation that a judge presiding over a lawsuit involving Trump University is biased due to the his Mexican heritage. Ryan responded with a laugh saying, “It could be better.”

“I do think that those comments are racist comments” Ryan said. “That’s why I’ve disavowed them completely. What bothers me about the comments is it doesn’t reflect who we are or what we think or how we think as Republicans.”

Speaker Ryan added that “the notion that someone’s ethnicity or race effects the way they do their job is completely the opposite of what we believe.” Ryan said.

“I don’t think that those are appropriate comments by any stretch of the mind” the Speaker stated and added, “Hopefully a lesson will be learned here and we can move forward with a better campaign.”
Blog Author's Comments -- Only 22% of Republicans believe Donald Trump’s comments on La Raza Judge Curiel were racist. And most of these people don't know the entire story concerning the judge. Donate to Paul Nehlen who is running in the primary against Ryan. He is the only hope to remove Ryan for good.

McConnell, Ryan and others in the GOP will continue everything they can think of to take Trump out. These people simply cannot be trusted; it is very clear they have zero intention of accepting him as POTUS and will do everything in their power to prevent it. Even the few that have said they realize and accept he is the candidate I don't trust, I think they are lying to try to fool everybody.

Ryan and his backstabbing GOPe weasels will give a pass to an activist judge with ties to racist La Raza over their own presidential nominee. They'd rather see Clinton win than have a President Trump who'd mess with their places on the gravy train. Ryan and the rest of the worthless bunch are traitors. This is no longer democrats versus republicans. This is Trump and the people versus the establishment. They are all in bed with each other and anyone who cares about this country can see that.

Our only hope is that Trump becomes president; otherwise we will become a third world country before you know it. It's pretty clear Paul Ryan sees himself as the Trojan horse to upset Trump's nomination. And to further deploy the Never Trump crowd strategy he's meeting with sabotage agent Mitt Romney this weekend. I can't believe Reince Priebus would find interest in being there but I guess this cabal is what it is.

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