Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton Fundraises Off Orlando Terrorist Attack

Daily Caller -- Hillary Clinton’s campaign is using the Orlando terrorist attack to fundraise for her presidential campaign.

In a mass campaign email sent Wednesday and forwarded to The Daily Caller, the Democrat’s campaign writes of the shootings and her call for gun control measures. “We’ll need the resources to take on Donald Trump and the NRA,” the campaign says in the email. “Chip in $1 — let’s do this.”

The fundraising email is written under the name of Christina Reynolds, the deputy communications director of Hillary for America.

“This week, Republicans in Congress asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in Orlando,” Reynolds writes. “Democrats in the House of Representatives refused. They would not stand silent, they said, about the work it’s going to take to end the nation’s gun violence epidemic.”

It’s common practice in political campaigns to email potential supporters and ask them to sign petitions online. The campaigns then use the names on those petitions to later ask for more money.

“We need to stand with them — will you add your name right now to stand with Hillary and Democrats in Congress to call for immediate action on gun violence prevention?” the email from Clinton’s campaign states.

Blog Author's Comments -- Someone should tell Hillary Clinton that guns did not kill those people in Orlando, a radical Islamist terrorist did. And neither she nor Obama will call them what they are. When it comes to grubbing for money the woman has no shame, morals or ethics. She is disgusting, and if she somehow finds herself in the White House after the general election it will be the continuation of the Obama regime.

This is the Democrat's playbook; never let a crisis go to waste. She is making money off of the 49 victims who are probably not even yet buried. Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump is the only one who is willing to face what is happening to our country and has a plan to help put a halt to what Obama has not only allowed but helped to happen because of his policies with regard to the illegals.

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