Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The New York State Primary Is Today...

Via: Intellectual Froglegs -- About those ‘party rules'...

‘Rules' that can be manipulated by the PARTY BOSSES to cancel a vote after the primary season is under way – are not rules - it’s called strategy. And it IS absolutely crooked as hell.

On August 25, when Colorado Party Bosses canceled the VOTE...Trump had just emerged as the CLEAR ‘double digit’ Frontrunner. And the candidates were prepping for their 2nd debate…of course the intent was to block Trump.

The Trump Voter Handbook - That Curious Mr. Cruz

Blog Author's Comments -- To my friends in New York, get out there today and vote for Donald Trump so we can Make America Great Again! She is bleeding out, now is the time to turn this once great country around. She is still the home of the brave, but our freedoms are being seriously eroded.

Donald Trump Ad: "Trump Stepped Up"

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