Friday, April 8, 2016

Meet A Few Of The "Low-Level" Drug Offenders
Whose Sentences Obama Recently Commuted

Down Trend -- In Late March, President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 61 “low-level” drug offenders.

Obama Commutes 61 Drug Sentences

According to an analysis by NewsBusters, however, the vast majority of the offenders were anything but “low-level,” in 54 of them were convicted for crimes involving cocaine or crack.

One of them happened to be Jerome Harris Jr., 40, whose previous crimes included “receiving stolen property, robbery, assault and carrying a pistol without a permit.”

What a deserving man, right?

Then you got Melissa Ross, 44, who served as the right-hand assistant to her criminal mastermind boyfriend, who reportedly operated a $54 million cocaine ring.

Quite low-level, huh?

Now check out some more of Obama’s “low-level” offenders, courtesy the Heritage Foundation:
"Carmel Bretous, 48, was convicted after being charged in 2001 in Miami, Fla., for trying to smuggle 110 pounds of cocaine, valued at $1 million, into the United States …

In 1999, a Georgia court convicted Willie Chevell Cameron, now 41, of obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer. Prosecutors accused Cameron of “running from and fighting with” an investigator, Earl Grizzard of the Troup County Sheriff’s Office.

Cameron also was convicted on two counts of cocaine distribution. The incident was separate from federal charges for distribution of cocaine and methamphetamine in Florida in 2006.[...]
Writing for NewsBusters, contributor Tom Blumer opined that “the administration could have found more worthy recipients of presidential commutations.” But of course, Obama disagrees, and all know how often he gets things right.
Blog Author's Comments -- Obama should have never been the president in the first place. The only difference between him and these thugs is he is a better speaker. Once again he shows how much he hates America. And many people act like this was not part of Obama's plan, as if he does not want to do harm to this country, and he still has approximately ten months to do what he has planned to do. This is just a small part of Obama's legacy, does it bother him that the woman and children that this low-life killed is because he allowed him out of his cage where he belonged? I don't believe there is any remorse by Obama at all.
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