Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mitt Romney Prepares Speech For Attack Against Donald Trump

Mitt Romney To Lay Out Case Against Trump In Speech Thursday

Bloomberg -- The rapidly intensifying effort by the Republican establishment to dislodge Donald Trump from the top of the party's presidential nominating race will star 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, who is preparing a speech for Thursday when he'll lay out his case against the front-runner.

With Trump's convincing victories on Tuesday, the single biggest day of voting in the Republican race, Romney was motivated to make a more formal case against him in hopes of keeping him from coalescing more support, according to a Republican source familiar with Romney's plans. Romney has voiced criticism for Trump in recent months, including his attack last week on the New York businessman's refusal to release his tax returns.

“Mitt doesn't believe Donald Trump is the right person to lead the party,” the Republican said. “There are a number of mainstream Republicans falling in line with Trump, and he wants to speak up before more people go that route.”

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Plan To Disenfranchise Donald Trump At Convention

How Exactly Would A Brokered Convention Work?

Blog Author's Comments -- The former and failed, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will explain to the not so bright voters, just why we should not support Donald Trump as the Republican Party's nominee for the presidential election. The plan is to attempt to ensure Trump doesn’t get enough delegates to clinch the nomination, have a brokered convention, and give the nomination to...possibly Mitt Romney? Is the Republican Party serious?

I believe this is all going to backfire. Not only is Trump unprecedented, the awareness of the electorate is unprecedented. This is the exposure of the 'Establishment'. I believe the Republican Party would actually allow Hillary Clinton to become the president which would be like a third term of the Obama regime and she could appoint another young, far left Supreme Court Justice. This is the last thing this country needs.

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