Friday, March 4, 2016

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Blog Author's Comments -- Some thoughts on Thursday's Fox News Republican candidates debate: It was not too long ago when most of the media including Fox News was telling us the CNBC debate was a ridiculous planned attack on all of the Republican presidential candidates. But, didn't we see much the same thing last night when not only the moderators but Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio launched their ambush against Donald Trump?

Here were the final two questions put forth by Fox News moderator Chris Wallace as an example. These questions were less than 3 minutes apart:

Question #1 – “Senator Rubio … Please look at Mr. Trump and tell him why he’s unqualified to be President?”

~ 3:05 later ~

Question #2 – “Senator Rubio, will you support the party’s nominee even if it turns out to be Donald Trump?”

I would rank the Fox News team at least as bad as the CNBC team. The entire media enterprise, when it comes to any broadcast involving Donald Trump has evolved into who can sink to the lowest rung on the progressive ladder.

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