Monday, February 8, 2016

The Knock Out Game

The "Knock Out Game" in which an African-American brutally assaults an unsuspecting pedestrian leaving the victim unconscious or dead. A 16 year old girl is the victim above.

ABC News -- Police in New Jersey are investigating an apparent attack after a video was posted on social media. The video appeared on Facebook this week and shows someone throwing a punch, appearing to knock out an unsuspecting victim. The person shooting the video can be heard encouraging the attacker. Paterson police called the video disturbing and thanked the resident who reported it.

Thug Filmed Punching Man In Face In Sick Knock Out Game

Blog Author's Comments --The 'politically correct' mainstream media, and even law enforcement, have tried to claim the race-based "Knock Out Game" was not a problem and rarely occurred. It is also known on the street as "Polar Bear Hunting", or "Cracka Smacks". The reason this was not widely reported was because the attacker is always black and the victim white.

This is what much of our society has become. During the past approximately three years there have been over forty attacks reported and some victims of this 'game' have died. There was an elderly man of 89 years of age. Can anyone tell me what kind of a sub-human would punch an 89 year old man who is not hurting anyone, just for fun? All of the attacks are sucker punches and if there is a group of 3-4, after the victim is on the ground they will kick and stomp him or her. My only advice is to just be aware of your surroundings, if you have a concealed carry permit use it, and avoid the areas where this is more likely to happen.

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