Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iowa Caucuses And Accusations From The Candidates…

Ted Cruz Dirty Tricks Explained With Evidence

Dr. Ben Carson Slams Cruz For
"Dirty Tricks" Against Him In Iowa Caucuses

Donald Trump Hammers Ted Cruz As A Liar

Blog Author's Comments -- Dr. Carson and his supporters need to remember this. The GOP is no more their friend as they are a friend to Donald Trump. They need to remember who it is outside their campaign standing up against this voter fraud, Donald Trump and his supporters.

This from the so-called "Truth Detector" and talk show host who has been pushing for Ted Cruz for over a month, Rush Limbaugh: "Ted Cruz has committed a crime: He won. Nobody's supposed to do that when Trump is involved. If somebody does that, there has to be some illegitimate explanation."
Paul Ryan Asks Conservatives Not To Revolt

Hard Feelings Complicate Cruz Evangelical Outreach

Palin Slams Cruz Campaign 'Lies'

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