Friday, January 22, 2016

The Donald Trump Bashers Don't Believe He Is Conservative Enough...

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” National Review editor Rich Lowry rolled out his magazine’s effort to challenge Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s bid to be the eventual Republican nominee.

Lowry told host Megyn Kelly, who has had her own dust-ups with Trump, that their intent was to rally conservatives against Trump because they saw him as susceptible to special interests.

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Blog Author's Comments -- Megyn Kelly does not like Donald Trump so she will do all she can to undermine him. This won't work, it will only show how foolish and full of herself she is. The National Review magazine is dying, certainly not what it was when founded some sixty years ago by William F. Buckley.

What has the conservatives done during the last 15 or more years to help those who considered themselves conservative? Nothing! They would sooner vote for Hillary Clinton than Donald .J Trump who is the only GOP candidate saying what so many of the American people want to hear and want to have done by our government.

It is time for Donald Trump to stop his input with everyone who may voice an opinion about and against him. He has made some comments during the past few days which were not necessary and may come back to bite him. He is in a good position, if one can believe the polls, so he needs to continue to campaign and tell the people what he will do for them and answer their questions. Chastising everyone who makes a snarky remark about him will not help his quest for the nomination.

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